Top 5 Books for Java 8 Certifications 1Z0-808 OCA and 1Z0-809 OCP

That’s all about some of the best books to prepare for OCAJP8 and OCPJP8 certification. As I said, it’s not enough to just pass the OCAJP8 or 1Z0-808 exam if you aspire to become a Java SE 8 certified programmer. You won’t get the title or certification until you pass the OCPJP8 i.e., 1Z0-809 exam.

As you learn the basics of Java, you will become confident in your abilities. Moreover, you will be able to write unit tests for your applications. Java SE provides the foundation for developing and deploying general purpose Java applications on desktops and servers. As a Java developer, you should understand key SE concepts like loops, arrays, operators, and Object Oriented Program systems . You should also become familiar with Java SE’s general-purpose APIs, like java.lang, java.math,, etc. APIs enable computers to communicate with each other across a common interface, and Java APIs include packages and classes that help developers minimize the lines of a program. When you complete both Java SE and Java EE then you must learn Java Frameworks which include the Hibernate Framework and Spring Framework.

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Oracle provides one of the most widely recognized exams for Java programmer certification. To earn certification, candidates must register and pay a fee to take the exam, which is offered at testing centers throughout the country. The first java developer se 7 module looks at the basics of the Java programming language, like functional abstraction and object-oriented paradigm. The second module explores how to write “good” programs (i.e., programs that are efficient, correct, and ethical).

  • Growing your skills will help you succeed in your computer science career long-term, as you will be able to take on larger and more sophisticated projects.
  • If you are an experienced developer, you will need to understand your business’s programs, IT infrastructure, and program architecture in-depth.
  • In exchange for manpower, companies offer a high salary package for that and providing seductive offers.
  • He or she is responsible for the whole development process, from design to implementation.

If the naming of objects and classes gets done systematically, the recurring issue in these object-oriented systems gets addressed. The use of bytecode as an intermediate language permits Java programs to run on any platform that has a virtual machine available.

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Java SE 11 was released September 2018, the first LTS release since the rapid release model was adopted starting with version 9. Java 11 features include two new garbage collector implementations, Flight Recorder to debug deep issues, a new HTTP client including WebSocket support.

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