Top 10 Mistakes Backend Developers Make

It can go bad a LOT faster than the previously listed languages. In Windows , the decades long backwards compatibility has had a major impact on it’s last-ability. I’ve also lately used other languages and frameworks, like Java-Spring Boot, Node.js-Express, Python-FastAPI, and my favorite one is still PHP.

SQL injection is a dangerous possibility that the user will type a query which is then executed in the database due to a string concatenation. Anyway, it’s a general term because it can be an injection of another query language like AQL , GraphQL, etc. A similar problem can occur when using the eval function or running an operating system command. Generally, backend developers should use the same technology and the same pattern to resolve a given problem. Examples are JavaScript for high-level programming, Moment.js for date/time operations, MongoDB for document storage, factory function to create an object. Though you’ll list these in your resume, it helps to highlight them in your portfolio if a recruiter views it first.

Summary Of The Mistakes Frequently Made By Backend Developers

Needless to say, the salary for a Full Stack Developer is quite comfortable and can even be lucrative. Payscale reports the average salary for a Full Stack Developer to be $75,057 in United States, with an average of $4,300 each year in bonuses. Beyond that, it has an exceptionally high job satisfaction, so many Full PHP Back-End Engineer job Stack Developers stay on to eventually reach six figures. There are also freelance Full Stack Developers who have a little bit of freedom with their pay in that way. Partner with Le Wagon and teach tech and data skills to your students. Upgrade your teams with in-demand tech skills & hire the best tech talent.

What should a PHP Back-End Engineer know

Of course, it will be different for everyone, but if you can put in a good 10 hours each week, I think that’s a solid estimate. The good news is, that’s faster and cheaper than going back to university for 4 years. Udacityhas a full-stack nano degree, with back-end development emphasis. Laurence Bradford, founder of Learn to Code With Me, is a front-end developer and website content strategist who writes about entering the tech world.

You’ll also earn a certificate upon completion that you can feature in your resume. After you’ve learned the required skills, built a portfolio, and created a resume, you’ll be well on your way to a career as a Back-End Developer. If you need help getting started, take a look through our programming courses to start learning any of the languages listed above. The point in creating a resume and portfolio is to help you land an interview.

Learn To Become A Backend Developer

Just because something is used a lot, doesn’t make it good, usually bad products hang around because there’s something about them that’s unique, easy, or just plain convenient for its consumers. Now that being said, even the crappiest tools can be used to make nice software. PHP was not “designed” intentionally – excellent article.

  • Full Stack Developers are highly intelligent people who have trained through their education or through years in related fields on the job force.
  • Create a list using bullet points to make it easy to scan.
  • Below, we’ll walk you through everything you need to include in your Back-End Developer resume.
  • Beyond that, it has an exceptionally high job satisfaction, so many Full Stack Developers stay on to eventually reach six figures.
  • Not testing at each level of the pyramid means we miss tests at least at one level of the pyramid.

If you’re sending it as an email, be sure to include an opening salutation like “Dear,” followed by the recipient’s name, and a complimentary close such as “Sincerely.” Create a list using bullet points to make it easy to scan. Consider listing your skills by competency to make it easy for recruiters to spot your specialties and areas of expertise. Remember, back-end development is a very competitive field, so you’ll want your resume to stand out. Below, we’ll walk you through everything you need to include in your Back-End Developer resume.

Online Learning Options For Back

No, actually I think the person who hates PHP the most is actually him. All those posts validate what James was telling me. Developers hate PHP because it’s a technically inconsistent language with a bad design. When you compare it to other languages the contrast is obvious. If after reading these two articles you can’t admit that PHP have some problems it’s because it became your religion.

If i need Performance, i will write my server in C++, Rust or Java. If i need one language for the front-end and back-end, i will go for JavaScript/Typescript/NodeJs/Deno. I love how you get soooooo very close, but then the fanaticism comes out and you completely miss the point.

There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. Look at tools that offer support across multiple languages and you’ll see the writing on the wall. Flickr & Tumblr do most of the smart work in javascript in the browser and still heavily rely on excessive compression to get any level of decent performance. Wikipedia is mostly static content and basically doesn’t require a server side framework at all. This blog can be written in PHP with any problem because it is very basic. Huge application, in which speed and concurrency is required overrun what PHP can do.

What should a PHP Back-End Engineer know

It really depends what you want to do with your life. If you want to make cheap websites at ~40k a year (or is it more like 50k now?), php is awesome . I hate PHP because every time I sit down to work with it, I end up miserable. I hate the inconsistencies in name and syntax so much.

Complete the take-home assignment in a distraction-free area. If you can’t complete it in the time you’re given, make notes about the steps you would take if you had the time. Many employers are more concerned with communication and problem-solving skills than those who can write code the fastest.

Front End Vs Back End Vs Full Stack Web Developers

Not testing at each level of the pyramid means we miss tests at least at one level of the pyramid. Download our syllabus below to discover our Web Development bootcamp and learn more about our alumni and community! And for answers to frequently asked questions, head here. If there were a diagram of the duties that Back End Web Developers handle and the duties that front end developers handle, the duties of a Full Stack Web Developer would be the part where the two diagrams combined. Indeed, in many cases, there is quite a bit of overlap between Front End and Back End Developers.

That stupid question gives me the shivers every time I get asked. Some key learning has changed everything for me as a developer. Knowledge that has been decisive for my professional life. Terraform providers and most extensions for popular kubernetes project have to be written in Golang. Ansible and Openstack are in Python (meaning you’d better brush up your Python if you want to work with those tools). Its not, Javascript is the most popular Web languages.

These jobs are in high demand, but employers don’t want to trust their web development to just anyone. There are certain standards of education and work experience that Full Stack Developers have to meet to be hired. These vary from employer to employer, but here are some good bets. Your initial interviews might take place over the phone, or even virtually, on platforms like Skype or Zoom.

The front-end is the client side, and front-end developers are charged with creating the experience on the client side. PHP is not the problem and because it is “old” is not a good point. Stop using “trendy tech” just because it is “trendy”. And take into account that many technologies can solve the SAME problem.

Top 10 Funny Javascript Libraries On The Web

To do so, you’ll need to know how to share ideas, accept and delegate responsibilities, and perform collaborative technical practices like pair programming and code review. The worst code I’ve seen was always written in PHP. Switch with 25 cases I saw 6 years ago, functions with 11 parameters used in the code logic of pricing I saw just last summer. This logic was so bad, it took me months and I was unable to fix it because of side effects and breaking elsewhere. I have bad memories from it, to the level of twisting my stomach when I think about it.

I would recommend not getting started with databases quite yet! Use flat JSON files or just in-memory storage on your server code for now. Just because CS skills are often a requirement for backend positions, it’s almost never the case that a CS degree is required. If you take the learning path I outline below, there’s no need to go back to university. Bottom line is, php is badly designed.i don’t care about why, the result is the same.

I haven’t heard of any new FORTRAN or FORTH code lately, but the languages themselves are fine. Getting into it was confusing for me when I started out since I conflated WordPress with php and there is an overwhelming amount of bad information pushed to the top by SEO nerds. Now these days I see sites everywhere using overcomplicated javascript trying to do things that would take a simple line or two in PHP to accomplish. You’ve been hearing for 10 years that PHP is going to die. Despite time and the latest hypothetical technology, it’s not moving. Developers hate PHP because it is the opposite of hype driven development.

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